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A Mom, Chemical Engineer and Pest Control Professional


Cyclone Pest & Lawn is owned and operated by Dawn Rohrs - a mom of 2 boys, a chemical engineer and a certified applicator (CA 31288).


Dawn and her family moved to Piedmont in 2014 and purchased a home with plans to remodel.  When the construction started, they found a massive amount of termite damage.  The home had passed inspection and no live termites were found but the damage was extensive.  Typical of an engineer, she went into research mode and quickly learned what conditions were conducive to termites and what to look for.


When it came time to get the home treated to help protect it from future damage she called a local pest control company.  While the price was in-line with expectations she knew from her research that the proposed treatment didn't follow ODAFF recommendations. That's when she decided to get her termite certification - for her own use.  It wasn't long before she realized there was a real need for someone that truly understood the chemicals and the hazards of not treating a problem correctly.


Dawn uses Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to address a problem.  This means that chemicals aren't the first answer.  She looks at o‚Äčther alternatives before spraying.


She also believes that communication is her number one tool.  She will take time to discuss the problem, address your questions and concerns, explain the treatment process and follow up afterwards.


Don't just trust anyone to spray chemicals in your home.  Dawn has a degree in Chemical Engineering.  She has taken the same chemistry classes your doctor has!  Did you know it only takes a 70% to pass the applicator or service technician exam?  Don't assume that all certified applicators are the same!

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