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Cyclone Home Shield Pest Plan

Cyclone Home Shield

We don't just come spray some chemicals every few months.  We only spray as needed to limit your family's exposure to chemicals.  Between sprays we use non-chemical treatments and place pest monitors in your home so we immediately know when (and what) we need to treat.  Monitoring for pests takes more time than indiscriminately spraying but we think the payoff is worth it.  It protects your family, the environment and helps prevents insecticide resistance.


Our quarterly program comes with a re-treatment guarantee.  We are so confident in our treatment plans that we will re-treat your home for free if you ever need it between scheduled appointments.

One-Time Treatment

Ants come out of nowhere just in time for Aunt Berta to visit?  Afraid the mosquitoes are going to dive bomb Uncle Ted?  We can treat your unwanted guests (not your Aunt & Uncle) and give you tips to keep them at bay in the future.  We give our once a year (or once a lifetime) customers the same attention as our regulars.  We will spend the same time talking to you about your problems and concerns to make sure our treatment plan works for you.  When we say we care about the safety of your family, we mean it.

Cyclone Pest Home Treatment
Lawn fertilizer

Lawn Treatment

Don't let the grass be greener on the other side!  The best lawn treatment is different for every type of grass.  Don't waste money spraying your lawn just because your neighbor did!  We can recommend the correct treatment schedule for your lawn.

Sample Lawn Care Schedule

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